Emergency Lighting

Apr 21, 2021

  • Emergency lights should be tested monthly by a certified technician. Bad Monkey Electric will perform a 90 minute battery load test & install a certified inspection sticker on every unit. 
  • All exit lights are required to stay illuminated for at least 90 minutes after power failure.
  • Every exit shall be clearly visible, or the route to reach every exit shall be conspicuously indicated.
  • Other than main exterior exit doors that obviously and clearly are identifiable as exits, exits shall be marked by an approved sign that is readily visible from any direction of exit access.
  • A latch or other fastening device on a door shall be provided with a releasing device that has an obvious method of operation and that is readily operated under all lighting conditions.
  • Ensure the emergency lighting equipment is in its designated place.
  • Inspect the housing for physical damage.
  • Push test switch for 30 seconds.
  • Verify lamps are illuminated and aimed in the correct direction.
  • Maintain the monthly log for inspection by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)
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