Sep 30, 2021

Klein Tools is issuing a voluntary product recall on the NCVT-1 in our Test and Measurement Line due to a potential safety hazard. We are working together with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada to recall these products and replace them promptly.

These affected products are sold in the following SKU numbers:


| MPZ00001 | MPZ200052R | 69149 | 80018 | 80023 |

This recall involves Klein Tools Non-Contact Voltage Tester with model numbers NCVT1 bearing date codes ending H7. The product was also sold in variations and kits listed above, all bearing date codes ending in H7.

Why is There A Recall?

It has recently come to our attention that one of our products, the NCVT-1 NONCONTACT VOLTAGE TESTER, has a potential safety issue that Klein Tools would like to rectify. The on/off button of the NCVT-1 is intended to be pressed down and then released. If the button remains depressed during the power on or power off cycle, the tip of the tool remains illuminated in green, indicating the tool is “ready to detect voltage,” when it is not.

Other items in kits where NCVT1 was included, are not being recalled, specifically.

These items should not be sent back for replacement and should be retained by customers.

  • MM300 (Digital Multimeter), RT105 (Receptacle Tester) in Kit 69149
  • 11055 Wire Stripper, 32500 Multi Bit SD, RT210 (GFCI Receptacle Tester) in Kit 80018
  • ET140 (Pinless Moisture Meter, RT210 (GFCI Receptacle Tester) in Kit 80023
  • 11055 Wire Stripper and RT 210 (GFCI Receptacle Tester) in Kit MPZ00052R
  • D2139NE Side Cutters in MM300 (Digital Multimeter), RT105 (Receptacle Tester) in MPZ00001


  1. Please stop using your NCVT-1 NONCONTACT VOLTAGE TESTER, even if you have not experienced any issues.
  2. Please contact Klein Tools to learn how you may return your unit at no charge for replacement.
  3. Online: Visit
  4. Email: Email us at . Be sure to include contact information, postal and email addresses. We will reply to your email within one business day.
  5. Phone: Call our Recall Hotline by dialing toll-free 800-527-3099 between 7:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. CT Monday through Friday.

In cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Klein has an outstanding safety record and we take this matter very seriously. No injuries have been reported from the use of these testers, but Klein Tools is recalling them out of an abundance of caution. Our number one concern is the safety of our loyal Klein Tools customers. We apologize for any inconvenience and promise to redouble our efforts to continue providing you with quality tools.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you. New NCVT1 testers are available to replace the existing ones.

Klein has an outstanding safety record, and we take this matter very seriously. We have extensively tested the replacement meters and are confident this problem has been resolved. All other products in the line are functioning as expected.

Please let us know any concerns and we’ll be more than happy to help. We apologize for this extra effort but want to be sure our tools are safe in the hands of our customers.

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