Meet  The Owner

Owner and President SteveSteve Gill Jr. lives in the historic suburbs of Maryland. He began his journey in the industry as a helper, performing side jobs with family who they themselves had full time careers in the electrical industry. Steve immediately fell in love with the trade and wasted no time after high school jumping straight into an electrical trade college, while working full time for a well known and highly established electrical contractor, JDL Electric.

Over the years Steve was a sponge, he could not get enough electrical work and yearned to grow his knowledge in the field. While many others in his life had hobbies and were out having fun, Steve was enjoying his career and pushing 80 hour work weeks all the while studying to become a Master Electrician.

At the age of 31 his dream came true; Steve became a Maryland statewide Master Electrician and started his own business. Steve strongly believes in his team of electricians and will do anything to help them succeed in the way that he has. Steve is affiliated with many electrical organizations and contributes to every team member’s education and continued schooling.

” I saw the mistakes other companies were making & I knew I wanted to provide customers with a new experience that provided a higher level of service. To me, electrical installation is a form of art. I do not care if the drywall covers up our work. Knowing our wires, boxes, fixtures & devices are installed with craft & pride means more to me more than anything. We are here to make a difference!” – Steve Gill

A happily married husband, and father of five children, Steve is very enthusiastic about Bad Monkey Electric because he knows his team really cares about their customers. His efforts, along with others in the company, are directed to making every customer 100% satisfied with the service they receive. He is proud of the relationships and services he and his company maintain throughout the Maryland, DC & Virginia areas.

How did we come up with the name?

In Costa Rica, a country known for its spectacular wildlife, Steve was watching a YouTube video of a Chimpanzee that was on the powerline that was accompanied by a group of wildlife rescue personnel. While mats were placed below, the rescue team were sending up tranquilizer darts attempting to get him off the power lines. Three of the five made contact with the chimp only to force him to run down the line further, closing in to the overhead power line resistors. The chimp eventually grounds out to the high voltage line which causes the chimps muscles to seize & fall below to the next powerline which the chimp caught onto with one hand after being stunned by the high voltage power line. At this point, Steve had the image of a Bad Monkey in his mind. The chimp was hanging on the lines till it hurt the chimp causing him to fall. Hanging On Till It Hertz was then created for the slogan. While the chimp played a huge part in the creation of a catchy electrical company name, Steve’s vision was more focused on the chimps bravery & commitment to get to where he wanted to go. He never looked back & never gave up.

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