Residential Services

Call Bad Monkey Electric with confidence! Confident that a qualified electrician is on the way to your house! We provide the residential expertise & guidance for any electrical project/service. Most importantly, each electrician is:

  • Courteous, professional, & punctual
  • Licensed & knowledgeable
  • Trained to handle any electrical issue or problem
  • An accurate & efficient troubleshooter trained to save you time & money
  • Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools & parts
  • Highly skilled in providing residential electrical services

We can provide a comprehensive consultation about energy savings

  • Save Energy by 40-60% & lessen your impact on the environment
  • Dramatic enhancement to your lifestyle
  • Manage lighting levels to set the mood or highlight specific features with the touch of a button
  • Conveniently controls interior/exterior lighting as you approach your home or while you are away
  • Conveniently turn off standby power to small appliances
  • Improve the aesthetics & resale value of your home
  • Create a schedule for your exterior lights to all turn on & off at the same time

We offer a cost effective way to upgrade your existing home with a lighting control system that can be controlled directly from your smartphone! The lighting control system we install in your home is able to note specific lighting levels such as dim, scenic, bright, and more. This is all possible to use with your existing wiring for an easy transition. This means no drywall work needed!

Lighting Automation


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